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Accessory Apartment

This is a complete list of Accessory Apartments with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon. For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at (203) 854-7780.

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Street#AddressZip CodeDistrict/Block/LotEffective Date
4ADAMS LN.06850D5, B39, L 21, M35E2003-10-01
2ALLEN CT.06851D5, B14, L14, M20SW1985-10-01
30ALLEN RD.06851D5, B14, L11, M20SW2004-04-01
38ALLEN RD.06851D5, B14, L82, M20SW1985-06-01
40ALLEN RD.06851D5,B14,L10,M20SW2002-10-01
42BARBARA DR.06851D5, B4, L89, M22NW1983-06-01
70BARBARA DR.06851D5, B4, L77, M12SE1991-02-01
9BARJUNE RD.06851D5, B21, L329, M12SE1985-12-01
22BAYNE ST.06851D5, B35, L38, M11SE1994-09-01
38 1/2BENEDICT ST. *Aff*06850D5, B58, L444, M14SW2000-12-01
8BETMARLEA RD.06850D5, B63, L131, M6SW1988-12-01
12BIRCHSIDE DR.06850D5, B46, L6, M5NE1992-02-01
5BLACKBERRY LN.06850D5, B45, L134, M4SE1999-03-01
2BLACKBERRY LN. *Aff*06850D5, B45, L12, M4SE2004-07-01
5BRAYBOURNE DR.06855D3, B24B, L2, M23NE1988-10-01