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Coastal Area Management

This is a complete list of Coastal Area Management  with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon. For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at (203) 854-7780.

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App IDReceivedStreet AddressApplicantApplication Description
#1-18CAM03/01/2018Tonetta Circle (18)Anthony TomasNew SFR
#2-18CAM03/21/2018Rowayton Avenue (140)140 Rowayton Avenue AssocChanges to front façade of bulding
#3-18CAM03/21/2018Bluff Avenue (69)LandtechNew SFR
#4-18CAM03/21/2018Shorehaven (20)Robert MitchellNew SFR
#5-18CAMN/ACanfield Ave. (14)Shorehaven GC1,300 sf camp building
#6-18CAM04/18/2018Concord Street (55)Petro Home ServicesOff street parking area
#7-18CAM05/16/2018Shorehaven Road (44)Jonathan FarberNew SFR
#8-18CAM05/30/2018South Main St (68 & 70)Silver Nutmeg Sonoson LLCRenovate 2 bldgs 7060 sf office 916 sf retail 11 units
#9-18CAM06/25/2018Isaacs St (18)Factory UndergroundSound Studio in Bsmt (legalizing)
#10-18CAM07/25/2018Woodland Rd (2)Rudolph KredietNew single family residence
#11-18CAM07/25/2018Shorefront Park (26)Daniel & Maxine VigneaultNew single family residence
#12-18CAM07/26/2018Water St (68)70 Water St Assoc LLCSign making studio Board & Brush Creative Workshop
#13-18CAM08/06/2018Naromake Ave (41)David ManginiNew single family residence