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Site Plan Review

This is a complete list of Zoning Site Plan Review with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon.

For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at (203) 854-7780.

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Application IDReceivedStreet AddressApplicantApplication Description
#1-18SPR01/11/2018Oakwood Ave (15)Stone Realty Assoc24,000 sf office RD/ 3 artist liveworkspace
#2-18SPRN/AWestport Ave (517)Bright Beginnings11,000 SF childcare center
#3-18SPR04/18/2018Concord Street (55)Petro Home ServicesOff street parking area
#4-18SPR05/30/2018South Main St (68 & 70)Silver Nutmeg and SonosonRenovate 2 bldgs 7060 sf office 916 sf retail11units
#5-18SPR07/25/2018Monroe St (20 & 24) Chestnut St (5 & 11)SoNo Metro LLC 24 MonroeSt LLCNew TOD with ground floor retail and 106 units
#6-18SPR08/16/2019Connecticut Ave. (071 - 075)EDG Properties33 res units, 14.800 SF medical ofice
#7-18SPR09/24/2018Leonard Street (9,11 & 13)Leonard Assocuiates LLC28 reside units, 1780 sf retail
#8-18SPR11/15/2018Meadow Street (04)Highland Property Ventures LLCStorage Facility Use and Additions to existing bldg
#9-18SPR11/14/2018Water St. (85-99)Play CT, LLC29 K multi acticity enter space / rest/bar
#10-18SPR12/13/2018S Main St (64) Elizabeth St (8 10 12 14)Clarke Capital LLC et alNew TOD with 19,400 sf retail 40 unit MF
#11-18SPR12/19/2018Woodward Ave. (155)203 Trading12 K 2nd floor manufacturing
#12-18SPR11/XX/2018Meadow St (4)GWL 4 Meadow LCconvert to self storage 59,000 SF 2nd fl addit
 N/AConnecticut Ave. (730)McDonald's ReestaurantApproved for minor change
 N/AMain Avenue (340)McDonald's ReestaurantApproved for minor change
#1-17SPR12/28/2016Meadow St. (30) and (6) ROW accessMeadow Street Partners LLCClean empty container storage; max.400 containers