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Zoning Approval

This is a complete list of Zoning Approval pending with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon. For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at (203) 854-7780.

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Street AddressApplicantZonePermit IssuedPermit Description
Washington St. (117)SteaWSDD10/27/2015Signage "Vapor Well"
Rowayton Ave. (429)TregliaAA10/27/2015Relocate Shed and Remove Parking
North Main St. (041)WFL Real EstateRPDD-E10/27/2015Tenant "Bridge Lane Capital" (office)
North Main St. (041)WFL Real EstateRPDD-E10/27/2015Tenant "Michael Smith Architects" (office)
Evergreen Terr. (009)RosnickAAA10/27/2015Sign off: Rooftop Solar Panels
Valley View Rd. (054)WoodB10/27/2015Sign off Rooftop Solar Panels
Highland Ave. (300)Norwalk Public SchoolsAA10/27/2015Sign off: OMNI Antennae for Police Dept. Use
Barjune Rd. (007)MarkutA10/23/2015Oil tnak
Connecticut Ave. (060)Cooper 10/23/2015Updated CoZC
Elm St. (018)SoderstromD10/22/20152 AC units
South Main St. (206)LynchC10/22/2015Shed in rear of lot
Westport Ave. (152)KennedyB210/22/2015Shed storage
Gibson Ct. (010)CadenaD10/22/2015Replacement AC unit
Connecticut Ave. (554) 101WitkinsB210/22/2015Create laundry space
Main Ave. (247)Catapano EngineerB210/22/2015Replace canopy