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Zoning Approval

This is a complete list of Zoning Approval pending with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon. For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at (203) 854-7780.

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Street AddressApplicantZonePermit IssuedPermit Description
Assisi Way (026)HoconB3/17/2017Install 2 LP tanks side of SFR
Gregory Blvd. (119)HoconB3/17/2017LP tank at side of condo unit 39
Fort Point St. (082)PerazaI13/9/2017Tenant fit up "El Salvadoreno Restaurante"
Washington St. (017)ReynoldsSNBD3/9/2017Wall sign "Spigot Beer"
Washington St. (124)ChenWSDD3/9/2017Outdoor dining "Oishi"
Midrocks Dr. (015)BerntsonAA3/9/2017Garage to living space, bathroom extension
Ensign Rd. (003)Rural GasB3/9/20173 LP tanks
Olive Ln. (008)KnechtelB3/8/2017Sign Off: Shower stall and Closet
Yew St. (018)BennettAAA3/8/2017Rear add'n & rear deck at SFR
Crest Rd. (012)Wood ArchitectsB3/8/20172nd floor dormer and rear deck of SFR
Jackson Dr. (006)LivingstoneA3/8/2017Extension of dormer, reno
France St. (004)EtemadfarB3/8/2017Gravel driveway extension
Westport Ave. (151)HudsonB23/8/2017Sign Off: Leslie's Pools minor reno
Burchard Ln. (014)DiChiaroA3/7/2017Sign Off: Int reno 1st & 2nd floor bathrooms
Connecticut Ave. (500) 532Town Fair TireB23/7/2017Town Fair Tire Exterior paint * arch. Gables