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Zoning Amendments

This is a complete list of Zoning amendments 
with the Planning & Zoning Office. This list is updated weekly on Monday afternoon. For additional information please contact the Planning and Zoning office at
(203) 854-7780.

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App IDReceivedFile NameApplicantDescription
#1-18RN/ANew Sono Station Design District TODZoning CommissionRevise SSDD to increase density to 1 unit per 500sf; allow 6 stories/72 ft
#2-18RN/AAmend Ind#1 zone 118-700 B,2(l)Zoning CommissionRevise Industrial #1 zone regarding TOD to revise areas where permitted
#3-18RN/AAmend definition of family & related tech amendZoning CommissionAmend Section 118-100 Definitions regarding definition of family
#4-18RN/APermit portable toilet storage in I#1 zoneC & A AssociatesAmendment to permit portable toilet storage in I#1 zone
#5-18RN/AAmendments regarding revocation of permitsZoning CommissionAmendment to allow ZC to revoike permits
#6-18RN/AHistoric preservation incentive developments3 Elmcrest LLCAmendment to allow hist pres incentive dvlpt by SP on lots +12,000 sf
#7-18RN/AFlood Hazard Zone amendmentsZoning CommissionAmend Flood Hazard zone regs to be consistent with new Bldg Code
#1-17RN/AContainer storage as contractor yd in Ind #1 zonesMeadow Street Partners LLCEmptycontainer storage/refuse collection receptacles by SPR in I#1
#2-17RN/AExtend moratorium on medical marijuanaZoning CommissionExtend moratorium on medical marijuana uses for another year
#3-17RN/ARevise definition of mixed use shopping ctrNorwalk Land Development LLCRevise definition mixeduse shopctr: add publicrealm comm rec entertainment
#4-17RN/ARevise DDDP requirements in CBDD Subarea BNWMFP Norwalk TownCtr II LLCRevise DDDP criteria in CBDD: revise to add personal service establishments
#5-17RN/AChangeable copy (automatic) signs at high schoolsZoning Commission Bd of EdAllow sign with changeable copy (automatic) at high schools
#6-17RN/AMedical marijuana dispensaryproducer certain zonesZoning CommissionAllow dispensaries in Business #1 zones