Norwalk Islands
Discover some of the wonders of Long Island Sound along the newly established Norwalk Islands Canoe and Kayak Trail. The trail leads you to Sheffield, Shea, and Grassy Islands. Boats may be launched from Calf Pasture Beach Boat Launch.
The Islands are a remnant of a glacial terminal moraine, rocks which were deposited at the southernmost edge of the ice sheet that covered Connecticut 17,000 years ago. The Coastline of Grassy Island is mostly gravel and fine sand and provides sheltered landing areas. Shea Islands shoreline, by contrast, is strewn with rocks and boulders. Both islands are owned by the City of Norwalk and are open to the public. Overnight camping is allowed with a permit.
Sheffield Island, the largest in the group, is part of the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge. It is closed most of the year to protect the many birds that nest along its rocky shore, and has become a regular wintering ground for harbor seals. The Sheffield Island Lighthouse is maintained and operatedseasonally as a museum by the Norwalk Seaport Association. Tours and use of the picnic area and grounds are available during the summer for a nominal charge; information is available at

Access to Chimon Island, is restricted from April 1 to August 15 because of the bird nesting season. A trail guide describes a number of safety precautions that paddlers must follow when touring the islands. The guide includes instructions for obtaining island camping permits. To obtain a copy, contact the South Western Regional Planning Agency at (203) 316-5190.
To get to Calf Pasture Beach, take Exit 16 off I-95 and follow East Avenue south to Calf Pasture Beach Road. There is a $15 entrance fee for non-residents during the beach season. Below is a map of the Norwalk Harbor and Norwalk Islands.

Regulations for the use of Grassy and Shea (RAM) Islands.  Part of the Norwalk Parks System, plus Chimmons Island Policy Statement.

Chimmons:     Day use only in designated beach area.  No overnight camping or use of the Islands interior is allowed.

Grassy Island/
Shea (RAM) Island:  During the season Grassy/Shea Islands from May 1st through Columbus Day, October 12th will be open to the general public for daytime and overnight camping.

General Use and Rules and Regulations:    The Norwalk City Codes and The Department of Recreation and parks Ordinances and Regulations apply to the use of Grassy and Shea Island.  Supervision and enforcement of all rules and regulations will be conducted by the Norwalk Harbormaster and Constables of the Department of Recreation and Parks and enforcement carried out by the Norwalk Marine Police Division.

            General Rules and Regulations (Not limited to the following):

Fees:   Out of town residents will be charged a $25.00 camping registration fee and an additional $5.00 per night camping fee.  Norwalk Residents providing proof of residency will be exempt from the registration fee, but will be required to pay a $10.00 per night camping fee.  No refunds will be provided. 

Permits:          Daily camping registration will 14 day prior to the camping date requested.  All permits are issued on a first come first serve basis.

Open Fires:    No open fires beyond the beach line.  Fires will not be allowed in the Island interior areas or in the areas supporting vegetation or foliage.  Fires must be maintained in a pit environment to be properly filled in after use.  No trash or garbage is to be buried or left in said fire pit.

Garbage:        Chimmon, Grassy and Shea Island are designated carry in carry out recreation areas, no trash facilities are provided.  All garbage and trash is to be taken off the Island by the user.

The City of Norwalk assumes no responsibility for injury or loss or damage of property.